You have entered websites of OpenTTD gaming server. OpenTTD game is an open source (completely free) clone of the game named Transport Tycoon Deluxe which runs on MS-DOS operation system.

Game includes lots of improvements for example online playing and some bugs from original TTD game have been fixed. Graphical part remain the same. So if you love older games this will be your cup of tea.
Link to download the game you can find in Download section and instructions how to connect to our server can be found in How to connect.

We hope you like our server and come back often. That is the reason why we want to know, what do you dislike or what would you change on our server. You can contact us on following email: rohlik@3server.cz

What and where to download?

  • The newest version of game OpenTTD you can download completely free on official pages.
  • In most cases we recommend to download version for Windows XP with SP3 / Vista / 7 (32bit) (installer).


  • Download the game from oficial pages (more informations in Download section)
  • During instalation just let the installator download packages included OpenSFX, OpenGRF and OpenMSX, as seen on picture.
  • Run the game
  • In main menu choose Multiplayer option
  • Now choose Add server and insert IP adress 3server.net
  • Click on Join game and you can start to build your own transport companies and try to beat your concurrent players.